What is your choice after switching from ?

Please help me share.

@kazriko same, and I am glad you did too!

@ademalsasa I didn't use Whatsapp ever..

@Lebensstrom you are very lucky. Same here and thanks for resharing, Friend!

@ademalsasa Ich mag a Liebsten. Aber ich weiß auch nicht, warum.

@kaffeeringe hello, my Friend, I apologize I can only speak English and I understood you are using , right? I heard it is now under GNU AGPL free license.


Hello @redstarfish, as usual, here I have a new fun poll. Hopefully this will be fun for everyone!

You understood correct, it reads “I like Threema the most. But I don't know why either.”

btw: really “only english”?
How about Malaysian ? ;)

@sl007 thanks, Sebastian, for translating that for me! I am Indonesian so I cannot speak Malaysian as these two languages are different.


I see, sorry.
But then “only english” is still very polite understatement :)

@sl007 ah, sorry Sebastian. I know most of people here understand English so I use English here as my only foreign language is English.

@ademalsasa switching is pointless when almost nobody is doing the same

@eschatosoof you are right, my friend!

That's why I teach online. Then slowly, I see many of people in my country switching from WhatsApp (and switching to GNU/Linux as well as that is my course actually) as the requirement to join is one must have and . I run this since 2017. I can say it is not pointless.

Glad to share with you! I root for xmpp, use it myself and try to use with as many people as I can

@blue impressive. Do you use Movim?

@ademalsasa Here people don't know what Whatsapp is.

Although I never used WhatsApp, I prefer Threema, Signal, Conversations.


@ademalsasa Threema

@ademalsasa Threema

@ademalsasa Never used WhatsApp
Using Threema and XMPP for years.

@ademalsasa XMPP, with Conversations on Android, Dino on Linux. And soon @kaidan on both platforms.

@Fotoente @ademalsasa long time ago. Since then I use several other messenger:

  • Matrix (Schildichat and element)
  • XMPP (Conversations)
  • Threema

@veer66 what a nice environment you have there.

@ademalsasa XMPP of course. With OMEMO or PGP encryption.

I use for my host server

@kaidan amazing, KDE Kaidan reshared my poll about messengers. Thank you!

@ademalsasa I switched already 7 years ago 🙂, never missed it

@ademalsasa But next time, please add an Option for :D (lnj)

@wauz one hello, Friend. One more Session user I found after @x. Thanks for sharing!

@kaidan thanks, I will try it, my friend Kaidan.

PS: I am a KDE user.

@ademalsasa Perhaps LINE is worse than Whatsapp. blob_cry

@ademalsasa XMPP with Dino and Conversations.

@Muto @ademalsasa

I'm using Signal for family and acquaintances.

Matrix is great for work groups

Will push everyone GNU Jami once the group chat feature is implemented (almost)

Element (matrix)

@ademalsasa XMPP. But I never really used WA.

I left WhatsApp last year.

@ahangarha you were very lucky, Mostafa. Good luck! And fortunately I just published my new article Starting Element Messenger (Matrix)

@HoSnoopy you are very lucky. Glad to find new friend like you.

@ademalsasa xmpp con conversations

@ademalsasa excited to see Threema is now GPL from this thread!

@liaizon really nice to find this thread fun, wakest. And nice to see you again safe and sound.


XMPP, but never have had WA.

Thank you my new friend @2342 for boosting my poll about messengers. It is wonderful, just 1 hour and I got 100 participants!


Never used WhatsApp, moved over from Messenger after deleting Facebook. Right now it's Signal, but I hope someday I will be able to convince people to move to GNU Jami or something.

@glitchyhare hello, Jello! Nice to meet you. Great choice! And for GNU Jami, fortunately here I have made a beginner's guide to Jami it was reshared even by @fsf I was so happy. I wish this helps you convince your friends!

Threema client is, server not.
And it is still a centralized closed service!

@2342 yes, thanks for reminding us for that, my friend.


@ademalsasa @fsf

Oh, thanks! I think I saw this article once and even saved it somewhere, but right now I don't know where it was, so I'm glad you reminded me about it.

@glitchyhare wow, amazing. You are welcome!


@ademalsasa @fsf

Thank you for the follow, by the way.

@2342 @ademalsasa oh lame. That’s a bummer so it’s the same situation at telegram then now

@glitchyhare affirmative!


@IgaRyu you are lucky.

Thank you very much @ashimokawa the father of Codeberg for resharing my poll about messenger!

@ademalsasa Crap..I meant Element! matrix for the win! :

@ademalsasa I use xmpp

XMPP, I have an account on Movim and of course, I use Conversations 🙂

@guenolet this is my first time to find Movim user! Thanks for sharing with me, new friend.

@ademalsasa Threema is my first choice, Signal my second.

- XMPP with Conversations (mobile) and Gajim (desktop)
- Threema

@ademalsasa Telegram is the only one I really trust.

@Acaii hello, my new friend! Glad to find a fellow user once again. I use it too everyday for teaching and family.

- with (mobile) and (desktop)

Thanks my new friend @vfrmedia for boosting my poll about messengers. Amazing, just 2 hours and I got 200 participants.

@ademalsasa I use both Signal and Telegram. I prefer , more feature rich. I'm interested in the others I've seen in this thread. Element, Threema, etc. Thanks everyone for sharing.

@endeoffen beautiful! Thanks for sharing with me.

@programwitch hello, new friend! Glad to find one more fellow user. I use it too. Nice you find my thread fun.

@ademalsasa @Acaii but why? I mean if you move from because of privacy, is the worst choice of all messenger I can think of now, the other are ok.

Or is it a joke I don't understand?

@ademalsasa I ticked Telegram because that's what I use most. Most 1to1 communication runs over XMPP

@ademalsasa Didn't really use Whatsapp that much in the first place! Occasionally use XMPP with Gajim.

@ademalsasa Threema

@Muto because it is and that is enough to me. Its convenience is unparalleled bonus to me. I am happy I never used .


@waweic beautiful, once again I found a new fellow user. Glad to find you, friend.

@dsw28 hello my new friend, thanks for sharing that with me! I heard that is now under GNU AGPL free license and I am very happy with that.


@ademalsasa currently telegram, cause most of my contacts have it and its been my main messenger for a few years now. but im looking forward to using matrix more often. its just kinda difficult since very few of my contacts - except some nerdy ones like me ^^ - use it *~*

@adb wow, once again one fellow user I found. Glad to find you, friend. Thanks for sharing!

@0PT41N you are right! Yes, that very point is the reason I failed to use , my friend. I no longer have phone and number anymore. So I can try but not Signal.

@ademalsasa XMPP, Jami, Session

@ademalsasa I'd prefer Session because I love the decentralized nature of it and second Signal because some of my friends are there and I need voice call. Session will start to use Loki network in future and would hopefully provide voice calls. Can't wait for that day!

I never used WhatsApp. I used FB Messenger once, not willingly though, because I had to for someone. I tell everyone that I can to stay away from these. These apps are "dangerous" to personal privacy.

@Sans_DeC really nice combo, my friend. Thanks for sharing.

@adnan360 what a really nice news. Thanks, Adnan. Hopefully it will be a reality soon.

@ademalsasa what if I didn't switch because I've never been there in the first place? may I answer the survey as well?

@ranx of course, my friend! Feel free to choose or add what you are currently using. Many people here already added messengers:

- (Conversations, Gajim, Dino, Kaidan, Movim)

which are not originally mentioned in my poll.

@ademalsasa then the answer is Signal since 2015 🙂

@ranx very nice! Let me reshare the secure messenger. Happy to meet you.

@jcast @Muto @ademalsasa @Jami Matrix is also great for family & acquaintances :)

@KitKat you are right, o, Chocolate friend. Glad to find you.

PS: I like chocolate.

@jcast @Muto @Jami

@ademalsasa Threema!

@ademalsasa Never used WhatsApp, but my alternative is / .

@ademalsasa is my main chat network since a few years. on android and on laptop.
I've got signal and telegram as backup, but I try and convince people to switch to xmpp because of its federated nature

Thank you my new friend @MartinG for boosting my poll about messengers. Just 3 hours and 300 participants already is wonderful.

Signal, Threema

There are a few million people switching away from Whatsapp these days -- so this is a moot point.

Signal's user base increased 42-fold in one week. So yeah, please switch, tell your friends about it and see what happens.

@Mr_Teatime really nice point, my new friend Mr. Teatime. Thanks for sharing.


I didn't seitch, i never had whatsapp

@Twelve same as me. I use everyday, my friend. Glad to find a Parabola user here.

Nice to meet you. We can exchange movim accounts in PM if you want.

@guenolet what a nice welcome. Allright, I sent a PM to you, friend.

@jimmytsui hello, my new friend! Same here and thank you.

@ademalsasa ^_^
I think cross-platform is very important.

@jimmytsui yes, you are right. If not, then I will find it difficult to continue teaching my students. We are all using .

element is too complicated
signal is centralised and unsure
telegram is easy to use and many of my friends already have it

@kris to be honest, yes you are right, my friend. Same here I also use . It is the most easy to use in my opinion.


In theory element should be the best but I too often failed with security key and things I even me didn't understan. Still complicated.

@kris hey, I am experiencing that too! I think it is only me that find Element is still complicated, but now I know it's not only me apparently. I wish the best for !

I love paravola, but of late its not been very hsppy, so its not what i been dailying for a while, guix has been slightly more in use of latly

@Twelve nice! Is it Parabola or Hyperbola which would change its base to BSD? I forgot.

Hello, @elperronegro my friend, thanks for resharing! What do you use? I use .

Hyperbola. I never gottwn to try that one as something always gose wrong during the instalation

@Twelve hmm, thanks, it is very rarely I can speak to Parabola & Hyperbola users. I am happy.

@ademalsasa Yap! Give me five~ ^_^

@ademalsasa Forever Choice - @threemaapp

Don't forget xmpp, ,which is a client for xmpp/jabber, even gives free registration when you install or you can use your own address:)

It couldn't be simpler and it's completely anonymous with text, voice and video calls. Much more straight forward than element/matrix

@lps wow, XMPP with voice and video calls? It is real great news to me, LPS. Thank you very much!


As usual, thanks @redstarfish for helping he sharing about messengers.

Rare for me too, so when i have isdus its all up to myselv it feels to try figure it out, luckly its based of arch which helps in some cases

@Twelve in Mastodon, you can make a List, that is a collection of friends of same interests, that acts as a special stream of news. As example, here's my list of GNU people.

@ademalsasa I've never used whatsapp, but my preferred way of chat with people is xmpp. at the same time people leaving WA im leaving signal and will only use XMPP and irc for now

@Twelve to be honest, my friend, I actually am waiting for a Manjaro-like distro coming out from Parabola which is completely libre. That would help me a lot for sure.

@dsv nice choice! I missed IRC for sure, my friend.

Thats usefull, i haven't messed too much with many fetures of mastodon yet despite gettibg close to beeing here for about 2 years now

@Twelve no problemo. Good luck!

@Muto @ademalsasa oh and XMPP.. yeah probably but I've tried Conversations and probably the best Matrix implementation with Fluffychat and they're still too rough around the edges. I use them but I don't use them with anyone I interact with daily just hobbyist groups. FOSS needs more people like Eugen who focus on UX/UI.

@ademalsasa Using Matrix with Element, but @threemaapp by far has the best UX of the trustworthy solutions. (I don't consider Telegram trustworthy at all).

@ademalsasa Element. Matrix works best on the or , as decent (web and native) clients exist/are in development. I also use Telegram (just for banter), Signal and Threema though.

I never joined whatsapp, even though lots of friends and collegues tried to convince me, but I had Imo (too many ads and useless notifications), I still have telegram (not sure to keep it)

recently I installed Threema, very simple and efficient so far, but it's not for free

@ademalsasa I use Threema

@ademalsasa Never used WhatsApp, always used XMPP.

I would prefer element/matrix. But i'm alone there. Absolutely alone...

@ademalsasa I think when speaking strictly on smartphones, Signal makes the easiest migration for most ppl. Signal uses phone number/contacts and doubles as a simple sms communication client for those w/out (in same window, ranking by double check marks for secure comms), making Signal great for dealing with all phone contacts. JMHO.

@ademalsasa element is just an app. Matrix is the primary use case for it and it's probably the best option on the list. Unfortunately signal is much better for ease of getting new people to use it.

@ademalsasa Session

@ademalsasa my choice to leave WA was long ago, so element was in alfa and xmpp is not in the list, so my fallback choice is signal what I also used...

@ademalsasa Probably XMPP (simpler server and lightweight that I have it already), but it might be Matrix depending on my friends/family.

Thank you @nemo for boosting my poll about messenger. Amazing, 17 hours and 500 participants joining in already.

@Mr_Teatime @eschatosoof @ademalsasa @RTP don’t forget to donate to your favorite platform if you’re jumping on it

@brunofontes a friend of mine @lps recommends It sounds very good as it combines XMPP with voice/video calls. What do you think?

@adnan360 @ademalsasa Session has a lot of promise. I like the Monero beneficial node system for Lokinet (w/packet padding). Really neat zine covers some of it on page 32:
Really sweet zine.

@RTP really nice opinion. Thanks for sharing that with me I appreciate it.

@ademalsasa I am using Wire or xmpp

@ademalsasa signal, because you can easily move your friends over to that. Matrix (preferably with your own instance) is a federated alternative (similar to mastodon) since signal doesn't allow other servers to communicate with theirs. sometimes, it's really pretty =) I mostly prefer native programs, so for now my favorite is Dino. I also code a bit sometimes for guys from Kaidan, but can't really use it yet.
I also happened to end up with my own lousy client while was playing with c++ -, hope to come back to it sometime

@blue what a nice website you have here Thanks for sharing.


I chose telegram mainly because people who leave WhatsApp, Telegram would be something they like as it's very feature rich.

I don't want to push them towards something like Signal, which they wouldn't like and go back to WhatsApp few days later.

@redstarfish nice opinion and surprisingly very similar to mine. You're right, I also consider such strategy! I hope you keep sharing like this with me, Starfish. Thanks!

@jakob you are not alone, friend. My Matrix account is @purplesky.

Session ( and for sms

Or best gpg encrypted emails when really need a confidential thing to share or meet the people IRL
@ademalsasa @threemaapp

@ademalsasa Matrix,Jabber and Session.They're all decentralized what is important for me.Also trying out currently.I'm very sad to see how many people here still believe Signal is good.It isn't 😢

@nipos thanks, that is valuable to me. What do you think about GNU , Niklas?

I use xmpp, sometimes matrix/element, and for work, rocketchat and mattermost. I've never used whatsapp and I opened a signal account just in case but I don't actually use it. For everything else I just send SMS or make a phone call.

@maperal hiya, Maria. Impressed that you are using XMPP, and also and . It is the first time here somebody to say the two latter. What do you think about them?


@ademalsasa most of my friends are using threema and I stick to it. A good amount also moved to telegram.

@nipos @ademalsasa spread the word about decentralize.

@ademalsasa I was on WhatsApp for a while but I didn't use it much. I moved to Signal back then with my wife and our daughters. They kept WhatsApp; I didn't. Some time ago we moved to Element and I'm still alone with them. Here no body cares about security and privacy issues!

@joaopinheiro o teacher, thanks for sharing your valuable experience with me. Congratulations of migrating family to ! For Element, you are not alone, my Matrix ID is @purplesky. Thanks, Joao!

@ademalsasa I have never had WhatsApp. I use Signal, Telegram and Threema, but most friends use Telegram and very few Signal. Threema is kinda dead here. :(

@Lyrilith @ademalsasa

I wouldn't have a problem with Telegram if their bug bounty had no restrictions, their encryption was open source and not proprietary, and they provided secret chats by default.

Signal has its positive points mainly its easy of use and ability to be used with VOIP numbers but I personally prefer Briar as it doesn't require a mobile numeber and supports connections through Bluetooth in the event it is needed or over Tor for censorship circumvention or sensitive materials.

@error thanks, you are the first person to suggest here. Please keep sharing.


I'd love to say thank you sir admin @downey as this enables me to create fun poll like this and make many friends like everyone in the discussion. I'm happy I use Mastodon.

@ademalsasa @Lyrilith

No problem, I have been following your account for a while and am mostly a lurker but hoping to venture out in the future when it is beneficial XD

@error wow, thank you very much for caring. I don't hear about so often so seeing you mentioning it attracts my curiosity, Friend.


@skyr same here, I never used too. I use , friend. What about you?

@ademalsasa @Lyrilith

It is a mobile continuation of the Ricochet messenger project where a Tor hidden service is established to allow two or more parties to communicate with the most anonymity within the Tor network (also allows for Tor bridges to circumvent initial blocks by ISPs although I am not sure if this allows for bypasses through DNS blocks).

So far the only caveat I've noticed is it is onyl supported by Android devices, while this can be bypassed by utilizing any numeber of Android virtual machines I understand there is a segment of users who have the means and insist on using apple products for mobile applications.

@error oh, I can grasp it now. Thanks for pointing out .



I also use Riot/Element, but that's better for work/group related activies. Be/Keep well!

@dabnotu I also use Element. Here's my ID @purplesky you can say hi.

@caos you are second or third person to mention here, caos. Thanks for the addition of it is very interesting.

@skyr @dabnotu

We're using for chats und videocall within our family. It's free for private use (pro/business-Version available) and clients available for all platforms/os (Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Browser):

@skyr @dabnotu

@caos beautiful explanation of based on family experience. Thanks, please share like this more with me, my friend. I really like it.

@skyr @dabnotu

@caos @ademalsasa @skyr @dabnotu

Last I checked privacy international were also using Wire internally. Wonder if they still do.

@ademalsasa You're welcome! 😄

@ademalsasa Your'welcome 😎 👍 cool 500 participants, thats nice😃

@ademalsasa Since Facebook bought WA it´s threema.

Never used WA 😉

@alm10965 lucky!

@error @ademalsasa @Lyrilith yes Tor (and as well Briar's use of it) does bypass DNS blocks. But that can usually also be accomplished by using a different DNS resolver.

Another endorsement for . 👍 It's a fork of with somehow better . Only minor tweaks but it does feel nicer to me.

Just as @tanakian@ծմակուտ.հայ I'm another two-decade user. Continuously, as other platforms came and went.

@ademalsasa @brunofontes

@ademalsasa Threema

@0 wow, two decade user of and here. I am happy to find you.


@tanakian@ծմակուտ.հայ hello, tanakian, I missed the valuable thing you said, a user for two decades. What an amazing experience. Glad to know you.



I've been using Telegram with people I'd like to stay in touch with for quite a while, though a few still cling to Facebook Messanger and / or Whatsapp as the only thing they CAN use.

I use Matrix, IRC and Signal fairly frequently, as well.

@flavigula very glad to find one more friend here, Flavigula. Your purpose is very same as mine in using Telegram.

No, just by limited personal time. And some "coincidences"
Some years ago, I tried Google plus, it was too nerdy for me. Than Twitter but some reasons… it was to unsatisfy - confusing.

And some people in my 🐦Timeline tell some about mastodon, and here I am 🖖

@alm10965 glad to find you. What messenger do you use? I use .

Thank you very much my new friend @zLabor for resharing my poll about messenger. Only 24 hours and 600 people participated already.

@ademalsasa and since i use unraid i have my own element web instance 😉

@caos @ademalsasa @skyr @dabnotu benefits compared to Element?

@0 @ademalsasa @tanakian@ծմակուտ.հայ I am going to try Blabber right now! :)

@brunofontes good luck and please share your experience if you don't mind. For instance, some screenshots or story about the UX would be great.



XMPP with Conversations, Quicksy, or Xabber

@ademalsasa War irgendwie klar, dass Threema nicht dabei ist. Aber ich lüge ja auch, weil ich dort ja schon seit Jahren bin.

Never switched from WhatsApp because never used WhatsApp ;p
Also, multiple choice should be offered in the poll.

@ademalsasa Threema since years (but also have Signal)

@ademalsasa I like the idea of Jami but it didn't work reliable enough when I tested it a few months ago.If I have more then one device connected to my ID,messages randomly arrive only at one of them or not at all.Also the call feature didn't work anymore after the second device was added to the ID.But if you use it with only one device,it's pretty good.Call quality was very good and the connection was stable,without needing any centralized server between my contact and me 👍

@ademalsasa . Not specifically Element. Element-web as well as FluffyChat, mainly.

@ademalsasa is preferred, but I would like to get my contacts back to . Thanks, , for pulling an embrace, extend, extinguish on not just the preferred IM system of most folks in my circles, but practically the *entire* fandom, all of which fled to Telegram rather than deal with Hangouts.

Wonderful, even sir admin @downey help me share my poll about . I feel comfortable being here. Thank you, Sir!

@ademalsasa #xmpp

-extended with #Movim 👍​

Thank you my new friend @imattau for resharing my poll on . Just 1 day and 700 people participating already is awesome.

@imattau once again a friend recommend . What is your experience with Movim, my friend? Do you use video/voice calls often? Thanks!

@nipos @ademalsasa I had a similar experience, it was unreliable. Hopefully they get things worked out in the future I found it very straight forward and well designed.

@lps I hereby wish @Jami Project to hear feedbacks above about User Experience from my friends.


@ademalsasa signal isn't perfect, buts great to actually use

@ademalsasa I use Signal, but I also use RocketChat and Element. All open source, all better than

@lightweight glad to meet you again, Dave. What a nice opinion. Thanks for sharing with me!

- Signal
- RocketChat https://rocket,chat
- Element

PS: I saw last time New Zealand got no case of , right? How do you do there right now?

@ademalsasa Viber 👍

@evelynyap hi Evelyn, thanks for your participation!

PS: however, Evelyn, I expected that everyone respond with Free Software and as far as we know Viber is not, hence, a proprietary software. You can learn more here

Note: I wish soon Viber will turn into a preferably under GNU GPL license.

@grin thanks for sharing with me, grin.

@ademalsasa I use it for free. The ads are not annoying are all and they do respect my privacy. Viber is trustworthy, in my opinion.

You can pay for extra features, of course.

Totally free is not a sustainable model in most cases. For one thing, developers deserve to get paid for their work. Companies that deliver a useful service deserve to make a profit, and the people that run those companies deserve to get paid for work rendered.

@evelynyap thanks for your reply, Evelyn. Please read the link I mentioned above.

@ademalsasa We've been very fortunate here in NZ, Ade, thanks to being an island with a sensible gov't and more sensible people than many other places. Hope your situation is optimistic - all the best!

@lightweight I am very very glad to hear that! Thanks for your concern for us Indonesians. Hope all the best for all us.

@ademalsasa for android, for linux

@ademalsasa Signal primarily, but I also use Telegram aware it is less secure but more convenient. If I need something to be as private and secure as possible I use Signal no question. Telegram is mostly good as social media (groups, channels, etc) rather than for privacy.

@aspie4K hiya, glad to find one more friend also using like you. Thanks for sharing it is sweet.

@Jordi_Tell thank you for mentioning ! It is rarely mentioned, but exist in this poll. What's your sweet & nice experience with Wire, my friend?


Hi @zirak my new friend. Thanks for resharing my poll about . So far it is already 4 days and 700 people participating. Sweet!

@talogeta hello, new friend. Thanks for sharing those pretty solutions.

- Conversations
- Gajim

@spla thank you spla for resharing my poll about . Let's spread more!

@ademalsasa @Jordi_Tell @dabnotu

I feel it is important to note that Wire was delisted from due to circumstances that may be troubling to some users.

@ademalsasa @dabnotu It may be my favourite, but there are very few users, and none of my contacts. But it is private enough for me and very versatile and intuitive. It has many interesting and practical functions.

@ademalsasa you are welcome

Hello my friend @delta, what do you think about this poll of mine about ? By 4 days there are 700 people participating already and still counting.

@ademalsasa you're welcome

@zirak I am sorry, my friend, it was not 4 days apparently but 2 days running. I made a mistake reading the time.

Thank you @lauteshirn for resharing my poll. Just 2 days and 700 people (and counting!) participating already. Currently is leading with also mentioned a lot as alternative.

@ademalsasa Threema. Not free tho but its only 4CHF

@adidal hi, thanks for participating. I heard now is changed into under GNU AGPL license.


@ademalsasa I had most success moving people from WhatsApp with Quicksy/Conversations (XMPP).

@qoheniac thank you very much, my friend, for sharing your valuable experience and resharing my poll! Just heard Quicksy and apparently it is GNU GPL licensed.

@ademalsasa It is compiled from the same source code as Conversations, but makes it simpler to use for People that are used to WhatsApp. At start it creats a XMPP account based on your phone number with random password and then discovers other Quicksy users you know based on your contacts. That way even people with no idea of XMPP and any technical knowledge find it easy to switch from WhatsApp to XMPP. My whole family now uses XMPP thanks to Quicksy/Conversations. :)

@qoheniac nice nice experience. So that is how it works, smart! If other clients implement such thing, I believe more people can easily switch to or try XMPP (including me). Thanks it is valuable to me!

@blue nice opinion! I also think the same but you managed to language it better. Thanks.


@Zeronior first time someone mentioned Mastodon as alternative to WhatsApp. Not to mention, as the application. Smart choice!


@ademalsasa @0 I didn't forget this. I just didn't have enough time yet. :)

Thanks to everyone participating, this poll of mine is now 3 days with 800 people joining in (and counting!). Current result is leading while many people chose as alternatives. I got so many many new friends thanks to you all. Let's share more.

@ademalsasa My first choice is . I was using both and Signal before the rush to leave WhatsApp began. Earlier I was campaigning to get people on Element because it technically avoids vendor lock-in. But I gave that up and started encouraging others to join over the past couple of months.

Thank you my friend @lohang for resharing my poll. It is now 4 days with 800 participants (and counting!) already with leading and being mentioned so many times.

@ademalsasa The expected decentralization doesn't really work with Element / Matrix because not many can run their own server at the moment and there aren't many REALLY reliable public servers that are known to safeguard privacy of those who must have it: journalists, activists and others in similar situations. Safeguarding privacy at that level needs a political will and commitment. Technology alone will not do the job imho.

@lohang wow, what nice honest and true opinions. I really like your choice of , and I have a serious thought similar to your experience with (). Thanks, Lohan. I learned a lot.

@lohang @ademalsasa This is my blog post for 29th Jan

Hopefully it helps spread the word a little.

@caos @ademalsasa @skyr @dabnotu @smartbrain @lps so, just voice messages?

XMPP with conversations or gajim

Do you mean: What are the benefits of wire compared to element?
Maybe one more benefit is that it seems to be more easy to use (for those who have little experience in IT)
Concerning security + privacy there are better ones than wire (but worse ones too)

@ademalsasa @skyr @dabnotu @smartbrain @lps

@ademalsasa @brunofontes @lps app & server are very good, though XMPP & A/V calls are not exclusive to, other clients & servers support it as well though by by using the app & have your account on you can be sure that both are up to date enough to already support A/V. Other apps & even more so server still need to catch up on that feature.

@STP_KITT Some of the people and their contacts I helped switching were facing immediate dangers. But they did not realize it until they heard about what was happening with WhatsApp. I had to recommend a service that had not only the technology but also the political will and commitment, as I mentioned in another toot. XMPP is good if they ran their own server. It is reasonable to conclude that federation/decentralization does not essentially ensure privacy and security of their data @ademalsasa

@STP_KITT Some of the considerations are better elaborated in these docs too:

1) XMPP: Admin-in-the-middle

2) Signal messenger myths

3) How to use Signal more privacy-friendly


@STP_KITT @error @Lyrilith hiya @AmarOk, here is a nice feedback and supportive spirit to Jami.

@error @ademalsasa @Lyrilith Another big issue with Briar is a lack of offline messages unless I missed some recent news about that.

@STP_KITT @ademalsasa @Lyrilith

You can make offline adjacent messages while your device has no connection that will send as soon as a new connection is made, as well as allowing for messages over bluetooth.

@error @ademalsasa @Lyrilith Thanks for reply! Yes that's true, but you need to stay online yourself for that to work which can be dealbreaking. I still really like the project & I wish it develops further.

@RTP @ademalsasa Quicksy has the same concept (make it easy by using phone numbers for contacts) while also being a full featured standard XMPP client.

@ademalsasa I can't switch from WhatsApp since I never used it, because I'm one of the few who read the EULA when WhatsApp was brand new. I use since I got my first Android in 2011 & never looked back. To reach iOS users though I still do a mix of SMS, Telegram & E-Mail via DeltaChat until XMPP is fully useable for iOS users.

Briar seems to be an interesting project too!
@STP_KITT @Lyrilith @AmarOk

@andyy thank you very much, Andy. Apparently Monal is licensed under BSD license for iOS. It is an messenger.


@STP_KITT same here I also never used I am very lucky for that. Thanks for sharing with me, Kit.


Thanks my friends for resharing my poll. It is now 4 days with 800 people participating (and counting!) already with currently still leading and mentioned a lot as alternative. Let's share more.

@stardot @lemoldu @drazraeltod @tpheine @kevie

Glad to make friends with you all!

Hi @lemeteore my friend from Senegal, thanks for resharing my poll, it helps me spread more. Let's share Free Software once again.

@caos hi my friend caos, thanks for sharing. I bookmarked this one. I also have similar but easier to understand comparison from @praveen (Free Software Foundation India)

@KitKat @skyr @dabnotu @smartbrain @lps

Hello sir teacher @tshrinivasan thank you very much for resharing my poll it helps me a lot to share . What is your messenger, sir? Mine is and I use it for holding online classes.

@ademalsasa I use signal for personal and telegram for tech communities sir.

@tshrinivasan very nice! I heard is a very good and security strong messenger, Sir Teacher. I read it here Thanks for sharing with me!

PS: wish the best recovery for India of pandemic.

@ademalsasa thanks sir.

How are you using telegram for online classes?

As a group messenger with all participants?

@tshrinivasan first time somebody else asked this!

I have currently 90 classes, since 2017, as approximately I held a class once/twice a month, so I currently I have 90 groups. A group = a classroom.

Each group/class held a topic. So I have individual class for each of Introduction, Libre , & Importance, etc. materials.

Classes are sequential, so once a class with a subject finished I create new class with another subject.

@ademalsasa Thanks to you, for your time and effort, we need more and more advocates.

@lemeteore you words moved me! Thank you very much, let's share more.

@ademalsasa @lohang wiyh gomuks client on desktop ans element on Android.

@dragnucs hello new friend. Great to see you here in my poll. Here's my ID @purplesky.


@ademalsasa Signal is my new Primary, not ideal for me but least friction due to simplicity and cost. My Signal contacts have doubled in recent weeks.
I am available on Threema and XMPP, but I have no contacts on there.
Everyone else will default back to @delta email or SMS messaging if they stick with WhatsApp.

@ademalsasa I voted even though I wasn't using WhatsApp. Hope that's alright..

@sudoreboot of course that's alright! I use . What do you use?

@ademalsasa Element, but I try out the various alternative Matrix client regularly. Unfortunately none are quite there yet, so for now I have to suffer the electron app.

@sudoreboot my ID is @purplesky, my friend.

@ademalsasa I do use Telegram for family chat, though. We got used to the stickers so it's a sentimental attachment, mostly.

@sudoreboot very great! Wish the best for your family. Are you from Sweden? Greetings from Indonesia.

@ademalsasa Thanks. I am. Greetings back :)

@joaopinheiro @ademalsasa Maybe they care about freedom of speech though.

People even fail to understand what privacy, security and free speech are! For example, some teachers don't want to teach their students from their classrooms through videoconferencing. They say that they lose their privacy! They are hindering their students growth only because they don't even know what privacy is!

@joaopinheiro @ademalsasa I can't comment on that as long as I don't know which system would be used for video conferencing. If it's anything like it is most of Germany, where highly questionable stuff like Zoom is used, I would understand those teachers.

Here in Portugal, at school, were mostly using Google Meet or the Microsoft platform, which I believe is called Teams. None of them is the best option, though. GAFAM products have a great power here!

@joaopinheiro o Teacher, the situation is no different here in Indonesia where many schools and universities use Zoom, Google Meet, or Teams.

What I felt heavy from that is they made this mandatory.

PS: I am teaching exclusively using the free software , o Teacher. It is gratis, no signup required, no app installation needed, everyone can join instantly. I can say I reach my success in teaching via Jitsi, Sir.


Thanks for resharing my poll, @lauteshirn. With 800 people participating (and still counting!) we got currently leading.

@sudoreboot I am glad I found one more Sweden friend. I wish Sweden the best recovery, the best safety from pandemic.

@ademalsasa Same for Indonesia!

Thanks my new friend @R for resharing my poll it is very amazing.

I tried Jitsi back in March 2020. I even had a Jitsi server set up by a company, but it didn't work. When I got to 6 or 7 students everything stopped working. So, I had to use what my school offered: Google Classroom. Either there was a problem with their setup or a problem with my FTTH provider and Jitsi. I have been using it for private conversations, though, without any problem.


@joaopinheiro I learned a lot from your experience here, Sir Joao.

I am honestly curious about what happened with Google Meet vs Jitsi there.

Did you enable webcams? As I can run with ten students for sure with but without webcams.


Thanks my friend @aaruswartz for resharing my poll. What do you use? I use .

That was my problem with Jitsi, but with Google Meet we have not such issues. I can have as many as 20 or more students with their webcams turned on without any issue.

@joaopinheiro I see and I am more curious now. Thanks for sharing, Sir Teacher. I wish I could get the solutions & answers soon.


@joaopinheiro ah, I forgot to mention, I use server for all my video call classrooms, sir teacher.


@ademalsasa didn't expect so dividedness(and I think telegram isn't even encrypted by default, so worse than WhatsApp technically)

@ademalsasa @STP_KITT I never used , too. Also, I never used and .

To use (aka ), you do not need the same-name site. You just need a (examples of XMPP-only messengers: , ; an example of multi-protocol messenger: ) and some XMPP (there are a lot of them around; you can even setup your own XMPP ).

@STP_KITT @ademalsasa

> the old term Jabber is discouraged to use still

I would just name it , but the word seems more memorable for native English speakers, is not it?

> better use Gajim

It does not seem very rational to have special for each protocol I use. supports not only XMPP, but also and many other communication protocols. It is almost universal, but for only, unfortunately not for VoIP.

@gamliel and Pidgin is included in version 9.


@ademalsasa A matrix ID should be @nick:homeserver.tld

@dragnucs @lohang

@ademalsasa I'm using Telegram since several years. Signal doesn't works good in my phone, there's no way that recognizes signal contacts.

@ademalsasa @gamliel Yes, they should include Gajim, too, because with Pidgin XMPP will disappoint users.

@gamliel @ademalsasa I used Pidgin in the 2000s & it was great. But development in terms of XMPP really fell behind when it accelerated in the 2010s. If it works for you, fine, but expect compatibility problems especially in terms of OMEMO and a lack of important features. Btw Gajim for example allows bridging to IRC so can join IRC chats.

@STP_KITT thanks for mentioning Gajim.
Gajim - A Full Featured XMPP Client



I just call it , because that's what it is. In the same vein as I call email and not / or anything like that.

@STP_KITT @ademalsasa

Amazing, thanks @selea @silwol for resharing my poll. It's 1 day left and almost 900 people participating already (and still counting!). leading currently with being praised a lot here as alternative. Let's share Free Software more!

@ademalsasa @selea I would have expected a much higher share for Element in the Fediverse given its federated nature and the problems with centralization when using Signal. This is what drove me away a few years ago, because my preferred client "LibreSignal" got banned from Signal servers.

@ademalsasa @gamliel For questions, proposals & general discussions about Gajim everybody can join the official room were the developers also are:

@ademalsasa Element, Signal and Jabber

@ademalsasa never used whatsapp. is that the non-free version of signal?

(I stay with @matrix

@ademalsasa I never used WhatsApp but Threema is missing in the list and my messenger of choice.

@ademalsasa Never used wa, tried with profit a "now closed" federated fork of signal for a while, deltachat looks pretty promising atm!

@ademalsasa my vote was for Element, but that option should probably be Matrix rather than the client used with the protocol.

@Rakijatica I also think @delta is very interesting! Thanks for mentioning it. I think it was very rarely or not mentioned at all here.

@_xhr_ thanks for participating, my friend. I heard is now licensed under GNU AGPL and also currently recommended by alongside and .

@ajmartinez hello, friend. Thanks for participating! My Element ID is @purplesky.

Thank you very much my friend @jeanjean for resharing my poll. It is 1 day left and 900 more people already participating (and awesomely still counting!). is leading, with often mentioned as alternative alongside many others such as and .

@stereo hello, stereo. My Element ID is @purplesky. Thanks for participating!


@raketenlurch thanks for mentioning three solutions at once:


From this poll, friends recommended many XMPP apps such as ( and @kaidan ( Honestly, I also interested in ( as it has video call I heard.

@joaopinheiro @ademalsasa So maybe those teachers were protesting the use of Google & Microsoft products. Here in Germany only some parents veto the use of those products for there children & rightfully so. That forced some schools to build up infrastructure based on FOSS.

The only possibilities that were offered schools here were Microsoft Teams or Google Classroom... That's how our government solved the problem... :-(

@joaopinheiro @ademalsasa Yeah, those are which come to non-expert people's minds first & those products are up and running very fast & I mean it's better to use that instead of not teaching at all, but the danger & probable consequence is that they'll keep using those products instead of looking around for FOSS based solutions.

Right now I'm online with two students so that they can do their tests because they couldn't do them with their class, even though we are on holiday.

@joaopinheiro thanks for your dedication, Sir Teacher. I am motivated to teach like you did.


@STP_KITT @gamliel @ademalsasa

I think we need to find a way to really push these bridges, their advantages and the advantages of these communities by allowing us to get the job done. As in we have a project and by using these tools , we can complete it.

That's the reason why GAFAM promote their products so vigorously at school...

Even @theprivacyfoundation helped me resharing poll. My friends also helped me resharing @humanetech @lopeztel. Thank you very much. You all helped spread solutions. Awesome!

Thanks my new friends @lascapi @etienne for resharing my poll. It's 1 day left and already 900 people participating (and still counting!). Let's spread Free Software more and more!

You may also like @praveen's (Free Software Foundation of India) map of messengers Check it out!

Deciding factor for me was 𝘸𝘩𝘦𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘳 𝘮𝘺 𝙜𝙧𝙖𝙣𝙙𝙥𝙖𝙧𝙚𝙣𝙩𝙨 𝘤𝘢𝘯 𝘨𝘦𝘵 𝘶𝘴𝘦𝘥 𝘵𝘰 𝘪𝘵 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩 𝘭𝘪𝘵𝘵𝘭𝘦 𝘵𝘰 𝘯𝘰 𝘵𝘳𝘢𝘪𝘯𝘪𝘯𝘨. I also setup a Matrix and XMPP server for the family but adoption is very little.

@murtezayesil very similar to my deciding factor too, my friend! Glad to find someone with same thought. For that reason I chose . Thanks for sharing this with me & everyone.

Thank you very much for your kind words! I'm sure you're a great teacher too!

Thanks for everyone participating in this poll. It is 1 day left and almost 1000 people participating (and surprisingly still counting!). Let us share Free Software again.

@ademalsasa I've never used Whatsapp, but my "Other" vote goes to XMPP and Matrix networks.

@ademalsasa I've never used Whatsapp, but my "Other" vote goes to XMPP and Matrix networks.

Telegram is not open source, Signal requires personal information, and Element is just one example of a Matrix client.

@ademalsasa @STP_KITT I used to use previously and switched to . (I tried also some other clients but not liked them.)

As far as I remember, Gajim stores in a file. If Gajm had an abnormal termination, that is corrupted and unreadable. But Pidgin, as far as I remember, stores conversations in a plain text file. Even if some part of that file is lost, the remaining part is still readable.

@ademalsasa @selea I never used WhatsApp. Always on iMessage.

@ademalsasa I’ve been giving element a try and I really like it so far. I forgot who posted this before but this is what made me decide to try it out - I used to be a big telegram user as well but i don’t know anyone using it rn sooo I’d rather get into something decentralized if I’m going to be trying to pull ppl over to a new app anyway

Infographic by the Free Software Foundation of India, titled “comparison of instant messengers”. 5 categories of messengers are listed. 1 is whatsapp, the title says non-free software client and server. Does not respect users freedom and creates vendor lock-in. 2 is telegram, the title says free software client but non free server   centralization. Client respects users freedom, server software does not respect freedom and creates vendor lock in. 3 is signal, the title is free software client and server   centralization. Respects users freedom but creates vendor lock in. 4 is element, Dino, and quicksy, titled free software client and sever   federation. Respects users freedom as users or a community and no vendor lock in. 5 is briar, tox and jami, titled free software client   peer to peer design. Respects users freedom and no vendor lock in.

@ademalsasa never had to swtich. Threema was the one and only ❤️.

I never used whatsapp 😀

@ademalsasa I am using Jami. I am also planning to self host a home server.

@ademalsasa wire / threema

@ademalsasa not free, i just got threema though i had been a fan of telegram / not so much signal or element

other: l've never used whatsapp but wanted to see the poll.

@ademalsasa I mean, I was on Signal for years before finally caving to WhatsApp pressure while in the UK, but I also don't have Facebook.

@cosmic hi my new friend, thanks for sharing the poster from @praveen (Free Software Foundation of India). The original title is "Better Than WhatsApp"

@STP_KITT @gamliel @ademalsasa I found an OMEMO plugin for Pidgin but could not get it to work. I went to Gajim to get functional OMEMO.


All your options make sense to switch to from WhatsApp. Because it's the same stupid thing. Nothing learned. Just repeated the stupid things the stupid neighbor did... Isn't it?

The only working options are of course all missing. They are all decentralized instead of being yet another, smaller walled garden.

I never had WhatsApp. My communication channels are Email and XMPP. Unfortunately, at least the clients all rot. Because it's not "modern". Whatever that means...

Thank you all, friends. This poll is only under 10 hours left with more than 1000 people participating already (and awesomely still counting!). Let's share Free Software more.

@ademalsasa I would use xmpp if my friends finally stopped using the messenger.

Thanks my new friend @i3x for resharing my poll. It's 2 hours left and 1000 more people already participating. Let's share Free Software!

@ademalsasa i also use and , but long before all the fuss as I never used Wapp.

One hour left on my poll. In this final hour, still leading. Let us share Free Software more!

@ademalsasa i have to say, i like delta chat, but my friends don't want to use it.

@arilogue thank you very much! I am the first person here. I chose Other, as mine is . Thank you very much for your care and also improvement to my poll!

PS: just few clicks before you posted, I joined as my first experience with thanks to friends at my poll.

@arilogue @ademalsasa I voted Matrix because its just so hard to get people to move to p2p and the user experience is just not there. Server-based model is much better, chats get stored there, multiple clients are easy, discovery is easier, recovery from lost/stolen device is easier, etc.
For "normie" friends that just know whatsapp i send them a message that i am on signal and block them.

@arilogue @ademalsasa For some people even making an account on a matrix server is hard enough lol. I have set up my own so my friends don't even have to use email.

@Ben this is true, unfortunately.


@Ben I agree with this, Ben. I wish I could phrase this problem like you phrase it perfectly. Thanks, I learned a lot.


Finally, this poll has been ended. Thank you, all my friends!

From 1000 people participated, Signal is the most chosen (45%), followed by Element (20%) -> Telegram (19%) -> Others (19%), with XMPP and Threema very often mentioned as alternatives.

It closes with 100 comments, 100 reshare, and 50 favorites. This is the most amazing post I ever had on the internet.

@arilogue @ademalsasa I uae Matrix and XMPP, but mainly XMPP so I clicked Movim (although I don't know what that is).

@qoheniac @arilogue apparently, Movim is a very amazing XMPP messaging. It is like WhatsApp + Facebook + WordPress in one place accessible via web, GNU/Linux, Windows, MacOS, as well as Android and iOS.

PS: as a Telegram user, in my first day on Movim I can say it is closer to Telegram in features compared to other things.

@arilogue @ademalsasa Not sure about this chart's current accuracy; e.g., both Signal and Element can support synchronization across multiple devices.

@downey @arilogue @ademalsasa signal can only have one main device. You can not have that main device be a computer. It needs to be tied to a phone at all times. So I would argue it’s not syncing across multiple devices. With element/matrix every device is equal and in sync with each other.

@liaizon @arilogue @ademalsasa 1 or more Signal desktop clients can sync with the mobile device.

@downey @arilogue @ademalsasa you can not sync between android and iOS. You can also not sync old messages after switching from one device to another.

@liaizon @downey @arilogue for comparison of , today I refer to the up to date resource

@arilogue yes, that was the thing prevented me to use years ago as I tried it that time. Anyway, good luck and congratulations for all people using it.

@liaizon @downey

@arilogue i was never on whatsapp, and i was always on xmpp, after icq.

voted for xmpp.


@arilogue @ademalsasa @downey it’s bizarre that they would have left such a glaring hole in their chart as xmpp can be about the most secure option.

Thanks my friend @MangoMamba for resharing my fun poll. Believe me, this was the best experience I had with social networks ever.

Mastodon is fun and social. I'm unsure why I'm like a duck to water with Mastodon and a complete failure on Twitter.

Do you have a good reference for XMPP? I thought you did but I couldn't find it the second time. I only find info for developers. I installed Gajim and Im back to zero again.

TGIF! which means thank god its friday. I don't know if that's relevant anymore with so many unemployed, self employed and multiple cultures in an electronic world.


Ade, what is the right debian software to record both webcam video AND audio? I think I'm missing something. And why do so many wear headphones? It used to be to stop feedback squeal but I have no problem with my speaker and my microphone.

@MangoMamba wow, Rosebud, you have a nice question here. I am sorry I do not know except Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) However, in my teaching experience, a student simply uses two laptops to do recording just by Kazam application ($ sudo apt-get install kazam).

See also:

@MangoMamba thanks for asking me! Here's my recommendation today for :

- <- try this first!

I suggest you to ask my friend @lps for further Xmpp things.

@arilogue @ademalsasa

I am aware of it. I admit i'm not too happy about this, especially because it is avoidable. Nonetheless, I consider Signal superior to whatsapp and telegram for obvious reasons, while the user friendliness makes it a better choice than decentralised/p2P alternatives for everyday communications. My mother can use signal. Asking her to select a server she trusts for element is just not gonna happen.

@anacrypto very nice point to mention our mothers. You are right.


Thanks my friend @VCapistranG for resharing my poll. I am impressed many people still help me resharing this after it's closing. Awesome, you all helped me sharing free Software!

@ademalsasa @MangoMamba @lps I've never heard about Xmpp. I would also heavily suggest the ecosystem for decentralized encrypted apps.

@verymuchwhatever I also very rarely found discussed in my everyday life. It seems interesting, my friend. May I ask the website address?

@MangoMamba @lps

@ademalsasa @MangoMamba @lps
Check out or for the main infrastructure. It runs on in a way similar to, but more powerful than , and there's dozens of apps already available or in production which I already shared with you. Medium length intro vid:

@arilogue I have made my own review of GNU Jami here I am glad @fsf helped me resharing it here in Mastodon.

@anacrypto @Jami

@arilogue you are welcome, Ari. I really appreciate your warm welcome.

@fsf @anacrypto @Jami

@arilogue no, I didn't. Anyway, your screenshot is great.

@fsf @anacrypto @Jami

@ademalsasa @stereo much needed! Thanks 👌

@xosem wow, you are welcome very much, my friend. Glad if this works for you.


Many thanks Ade! You're a wealth of information.

@MangoMamba you are welcome, Rosebud. I am just a poor man of knowledge, my friend.

@arilogue if you want the best experience, I can say you should try . It is very user friendly, far more easier to use than Element, with features like a combination between Facebook + WhatsApp + Blogger. I tried it last night and got impressed how close to its user friendliness.

@fsf @anacrypto @Jami

I too am a poor man of knowledge. With education the world becomes a paradise if we choose. Education can't be taken like a banker takes our possessions. With knowledge we metamorphose Self into Soul, and Soul into Spirit. I see life like a mango...first there is the flower of youth, then the hard fruit of adolescence and the ripe fruit of maturity.Like a delicious ripe fruit, the bats & birds devour it until only a time traveling seed remains waiting for the monsoonal rain. !! 👋

Where to Donate to ? (1)

Please help me share.

❤️ Free Software Foundation

❤️ The GNU Project

❤️ The Linux Project

With respects and gratitude to these projects as we all now live in thanks to them. Honorable mention: @fsf.

Hi @redstarfish, above I have a new fun post I believe you would be interested. What do you think?

Hi, my amigos @FediVideos @FediFollows @feditips, I have a new fun post above. What do you think?

@ademalsasa the Linux Foundation is a trade association supporting its member companies.

There are better places to donate to.


Isn't FSF and GNU project has the same fund, I mean FSF funds the GNU Project so why two different donation option?

Also Linux Foundation doesn't need donations from us, it has corporate doners which pays it millions of dollers.

So I'd recommend donating to Framasoft instead.

@redstarfish @ademalsasa framasoft came to my mind as well. They are amazing and provide many services free of cost to public. They were who made peertube possible. They deserve support.

@redstarfish @ademalsasa by becoming an associate member of the Free Software Foundation @fsf, you support our mission and goal to promote software libre all around the world. This includes software made by Framasoft. Our friends at Framasoft are doing an amazing job creating programs that respect computer user freedom.

I'm not saying you should not donate to Framasoft, I l'm just aaking not to forget about us and our mission.

@redstarfish @ademalsasa Framasoft should get more attention. Their services are important for quitting proprietary suite of software. And also for the awesome .

This site has a list of their services which is impressive:

@arilogue congrats for this awesome poll, Ari! I chose Other and mine is .

Where to Donate to ? (2)

Please help me share.

❤️ LibreOffice

❤️ KDE


We owe these respectful projects our digital documents and convenient digital live. Honorable mentions: @libreoffice, @kde, @gnome.

@ademalsasa @libreoffice @kde @gnome ich bleibe. Bei auch wenn ich jetzt nicht begeistert bin über das 4.0 und die krassen umbau Reihen. nein danke🙄

What is your choice if you leave ?

Please help me share.

redhat centos clearos rockylinux fedora

Sir Admin, @downey, thank you for the GNU/Linux emoticons you gave. Poll above made with your logos. However, I failed to add :cloudlinux: emoticon, the new CentOS alternative, Sir.

Thanks @patric you are the first person to reshare this poll. Let's share more Free Software.

@ademalsasa yeah I also have a few polls on, I know how important it is to boost them - As soon interraction starts it's great data. I can't vote tho, because I've never left , I just once had a CentOS Project, which I then cancelled and build it on , just because I'm more familiar there and could go through faster as I would have with CentOS.


I am surprised you didn't include Debian in there. :-)

@ademalsasa I think there were a couple of projected apps to handle donations to free software, but I guess they disappeared. Somebody should simply put up some kind of wiki page with all the links, it would be better than nothing at all.

@ademalsasa Ubuntu.

debian Debian 😄

@ademalsasa Distros that I used at least for a year are Arch, Fedora, Suse and Ubuntu. Based on that I say go for Fedora. Lots of packages, recent versions, works very well and large community. I love it!

@ademalsasa nixos NixOS! :D

@ademalsasa When it comes to _stable_ distributions there aren't too many distributions. It used to be either CentOS or Debian. Now CentOS is becoming an upstream playground, I think many sysadmins will go to Debian. Yes there are alternative RHEL repackaged initiatives like Springdale Linux, Oracle Linux or Cloud Linux. And of course there is Rocky Linux. We have to see what will happen.
Oh and ClearOS as an alternative? really?
Then please have a look at .

@ademalsasa debian. It's the other stable one!

I have just tested @Jami and it's working AWESOMELY, very recommended.

@ademalsasa linux mint is my husbands choice.

@downey perfect, Sir Admin, thank you. Dear all neighbors, now we can use clearlinux emoticon thanks to our generous Admin Downey.

@ademalsasa >> @Solus solus << 😬

@ademalsasa I think it would depend on the use case. On real live production servers, I'd go RHEL because that's what I'd be running anyway (I go to CentOS mainly to avoid dealing with subscription stuff).

On others, I'd go Rocky.

@ademalsasa I am/was not a CentOS user but if I wanted to leave, I would choose Debian.

@ademalsasa Sorry, I got the question wrong. This was about the transition to CentOS Stream, right? So for servers I would say Rocky Linux would be the natural choice after CentOS. Alternatively you could always go for Debian, I guess.

Ubuntu LTS

@verymuchwhatever @ademalsasa @MangoMamba @lps Interesting. What I'm wondering: They claim they can circumvent the in their scripting language (see Does that mean the scripting language is not ?